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chitika mega468

Saturday, November 15, 2008



MediaCoder is the audio and video transcoder used for everything. MediaCoder converts many audio and video compression formats to the users request. MediaCoder gives you control over the transcoding process during format compression which appeals many users. This type of coder can be used with operating systems like MAC, Linux etc. Using MediaCoder does not require any special media player which reduce the users burden in searching for appropriate player to work with . No need of any filters or codecs for transcoding audio and video. The memory usage will be moderate when MediaCoder is used. This software will use 13MB of RAM which will not affect system performance and adds advantage to MediaCoder. The reward in using this coder is that it has improved compression technology and audio can be ripped from CD/DVD. The output file size can be reduced which reduces memory usage. But it can be a drawback or MediaCoder as output quality can be poor when reducing file size.



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