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Thursday, June 26, 2008


(File Size: 359 kb)

NRG2ISO is a very simple freeware with a friendly easy to use Menu. If you made some disc images with Nero burning software you know what nrg files are. This software, as it's name says, can convert nrg virtual image files to standard iso disc image files with just a simple mouse click. There isn't much to explain here as it says all by the title itself. Very useful if you need to exchange .nrg to .iso which is a standard virtual image extension, same as .nrg. This software is actually distributed free of charge and it has gathered much popularity during past years. You can have it now for free and get your needs done in no time.

NRG2ISO Features:

- One simple and powerful feature, it simply converts .nrg virtual image extension to .iso
Download NRG2ISO

Friday, June 20, 2008

Mozilla Firefox 3

For those of you which don't know which browser to choose, or which is the best, I can assure you that this is the best Internet Browser ever made as a clean alternative of Internet Explorer. Firefox 3 enjoys lots of awards throughout its recent history, which makes it Internet Browser number one and remember that everything is free. Firefox 3 comes with a new look and over 15.000 improvements. Billions of people are enjoying this Browser each year and new friends join for this Internet experience. Firefox 3 makes Internet Browsing very attracting, useful and very easy. A cool Browser makes always your Internet life very smooth and enjoyable.

Check out the new Mozilla Firefox 3 Features:
- Bookmarking a website is now simplefied,
- Zooming any web-page with just a simple touch,
- Stronger malware, spyware and other phishing protection,
- A new improved download manager,
- "Remember password" handling is done more accurate,
- Top 10 websites you visited,
- Smart Address Bar auto-filler,
- Low Ram Memory Usage,
- And many more, over 15.000 improvements.

Download - Mozilla Firefox 3 Windows U.S. English Version.
(File Size 7.4 MB)

Download - Mozilla Firefox 3 MacOSX U.S. English Version.
(File Size 7.5 MB)

Download - Mozilla Firefox 3 Linux U.S. English Version.
(File Size 7.2 MB)

Paint.NET 3.31

About Paint.NET 3.31:
This is a must have software for people who don't afford a clean copy of photoshop. First of al you should think of this program as an alternative way for Photoshop, a free alternative of photoshop, with lots and lots of addons, extensions and a cool list of effects that can make your picture look intensively cool and stylish. This program can actually help you understand Photoshop even better, you can edit almost al king of pictures/images type, and it has a very friendly interface. This software is free of charge and you may never pay for it. I've been using this freeware for 2 years now and its a life saver. You can create Wallpapers and all kind of things in no time. Check bellow for's Features.

Paint.Net Features:
- Layers, fade, object shadow, blur, feather, outline object, portrait, oil sketch and many other effects.
- Supports common image formats as JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and others.
- Doesn't support high-resolution RAW files.
- This Software is Way more advanced than Microsoft's Paint.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Quick AVI Creator

Quick AVI Creator AVI Creator

Quick AVI Creator is a front-end software which converts DVD video (and not only) to avi, xvid, x264. It actually mixes several applications in order to do so: AvsP (avisynth), VirtualDub, DGIndex, Xvid and many more. A very good thing is the posibility of subtitles extraction. You can preview the output and trim, resize or change the frame rate.


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