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Thursday, December 4, 2008



RemoveWGA 1.2 is a small utility which can help you in removing the Microsoft "Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications" tool, but it only deletes the notification part, phoning home, and not doing anything to the Validation part. Even though it is not really hard for you to manually remove the WGA related files and registry keys, this utility can help you do everything very fast and easy, with no trouble at all.
RemoveWGA tells you if WGA is on or off and allows you to remove WGA notification tool from Windows.

This software doesn’t contain any spyware, adware or other malware although some antivirus tools report it to be a malware, it’s a false positive result so do not be afraid. There is some news saying Microsoft is not supporting RemoveWGA and are urging their webmaster to remove this software from public availability.


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